Pamco Shura - Gilboa PSP, Expert assessment

Gilboa PSP is a pump storage plant in the Gilboa mountain in central-eastern Israel, at the border with the Cigiordania looking over the Jordan River valley. Its scheme includes an upper reservoir at el. 427 m.a.s.l., an approx. 500 m deep shaft (dia 4.5 m), a 956 m long high pressure tunnel (dia 4 m, then 3 m at the feeder near the PH), a 2x150 MW turbines cavern with turbine el. -147.5 m.a.s.l. and relevant transformer cavern, a 1'512 m long low pressure tunnel (dia 3.6 m along the outlets from the PH and 5 m when unified) with a 95 m high surge shaft (lower dia 5 m H 21.5 m, with steel diaphragm, upper part dia 10 m H = 60 m) and the lower reservoir at el. -84 m.a.s.l. After an initial construction phase assigned to a Korean contractor, the Client reassigned the finishing works (some excavation and the final lining of the shaft, the HP and LP tunnel and the concrete inlet and outlet) to the Israeli contractor (JV) Pamco-Shura already providing for the loose soil excavation portion and relevant lining and cut&cover portal at the lower reservoir. Services to be provided to the Contractor are expert assessments regarding the water leakages and the head loss along the powerplant, and repair works on waterway concrete linings.
Reference location
Mount Gilboa
Final client
EPC, combined of Solel Boneh (Shikun&Binui), Electra Construction and Elco (Elektra)
Is Consortium
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Spezialstudien; Expertisen / Gutachten