Cumbidanovu dam

The Cumbidanovu dam is located on the main course of the Cedrino river, about 250 m downstream from the confluence of the Rio Sorasi, in the municipality of Orgosolo, province of Nuoro. The section of the dam is situated in the locality of Cumbidanovu, about 1.5 km linear distance from the center of the town of Orgosolo. The purpose of the dam is to realize a reservoir with a total capacity of 13.3 hm³ of water for the irrigation of approximately 2’810 hectares of land in the territory of the Municipalities of Orgosolo, Oliena Nuoro, Lula and Dorgali. The works started in May 2011, but in November 2013, the central-eastern part of Sardinia was hit by an unprecedentedly intense weather event (cyclone “Cleopatra”) with very heavy rainfall affecting in particular the Cedrino catchment area, and the site was inundated by an exceptional flood event that caused extensive damage to the structure and the complete destruction of site facilities. The services now contracted by the dam operator include the reconstruction of the previously built structures and the design of a 73 m high concrete gravity dam (V=303.297 m3) with an inclined axis with a radius of 330 m, divided into 18 segments of 13 m width plus a 19th segment with a length of 10.50 m and a spillway capable of handling the exceptional flow of 1’200 m3/s. The project also includes the construction of a bottom outlet in a metal tunnel incorporated in the structure with a maximum flow rate of 165 m3/s and a first section of the future irrigation pipeline, which will also be used as a penstock for a future HPP (not included in the contract) with a capacity of about 700 kW and an average annual production of 1.9 Wh/year during the autumn-winter period.
Reference location
Orgoloso (Sardinia)
Final client
Itinera S.p.A., Via Balustra 15, 15057-Tortona (AL)
Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Construction supervision; Monitoring / Safety / Operation / Maintenance; Owner's support