Arenal RCC gravity arch dam

The hydroelectric project Arenal, which uses the water of the Yaguala River, is located at the districts of Arenal and Olanchito, department of Yoro, in northern Honduras. The project comprises the construction of a RCC arch-gravity dam with a height of 93.5 m from the foundation to the spillway crest (H=100 m to the dam crest). The dam has a RCC volume of 270’000 m³ and impounds a reservoir with a volume of 72’000’000 m³. The works also include the construction of an upstream intake structure, a diversion tunnel of 4.52 km length with a cross section of 28.5 m², an external steel penstock consisting of two tubes with D = 2.40 m each and L = 110 m, a powerhouse with two Francis turbines with vertical axis and two bypass tunnels for the Yaguala river during construction, one of them to be used as the bottom outlet after construction. The central spillway of the dam has a capacity of more than 6’000 m³/s. The average annual production will reach 230 GWh with an installed power of approximately 60 MW for an available net head of 129 m and a design discharge of 51 m³/s. In addition a dotation turbine with a design capacity of 1 MW will be installed.
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Energías Limpias del Yaguala, S.A. de C.V.
Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Construction supervision