El Cajón

The Francisco Morazan dam, known as El Cajón, located on the Comayagua River in Honduras, was built between 1980 and 1985 on a limestone karst site. With a maximum height of 226 m and a crown length of 382 m, it creates a basin of about 1’470’000 m3 with the characteristic of never having been filled to its highest level of exploitation. In fact, since its commissioning in 1985, significant percolations and abnormally high pressures have been detected in the foundation of the dam. Since then, various injection rehabilitation works have been carried out. The services provided by the Lombardi office include: - Calculation of the dam’s stability in 1996 - Study of a new access to the tunnel of the "El Nispero" power plant in 1996 - Periodic safety analysis of the dam by the experts G. Lombardi from 1996 to 2011 and R. Bremen from 2016 onwards - Configuration of an interpretative model of the dam's behavior - Implementation of MIC auscultation software in 2018.
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