Dietikon HPP

In autumn 2017, the canton of Zurich, after a positive decision for the concession renewal for a further 60 years, granted building permission for the refurbishment of the historical Dietikon run-of-river power plant. Construction works started in early 2018, whereby in the existing main power plant, both Kaplan turbines dating back to the years 1931/32 were replaced (new Q = 2 × 47.5 m3/s, HN = 3.4 m, P = 2 × 1.7 MW) and an ecological discharge power plant (Q = 25 m3/s, HN = 3.1 m, P = 770 kW) was built nearby the existing weir. Compared to the previous plant layout, from 2019, the new scheme generates 19.70 GWh/a, about 14% more than before. Particular attention was given to ancillary works that facilitate the free fish migration and ensure their protection. For the upstream migration, two new fish ladders were built, while the downstream migration is ensured through a trash rack with horizontal bars (B x H = 22.8 x 5.9 m, clearance 20 mm) before the main powerhouse and the adjustment of an existing ice channel into a bypass. The existing boat ladder was also replaced.
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EKZ (Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich)
Is Consortium
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Construction supervision; Civil designs; Electromechanical designs; General planning / management