HPP on the Rhone at Massongex - Bex

The hydropower plant is planned on the Rhone near Massongex-Bex above Lake Geneva. It involves the construction of a new low-pressure resp. ron-of-river power pland for hydroelectric production as part of the sustainability strategy. The impound section above the mobile weir has a very small storage volume. The annual production is estimated at 75.5 GWh/year. The main works of the powerplant are the following: - Gated weir with 4 bays for flood discharge (2’500 m³/s) - a powerhouse located on the left bank, equipped with 2 units (Hmoy=7.79 m, Q=2 x 110 m³/s, P=2 x 7.5 MW); - consolidation of the river banks both upstream and downstream; - lowering of the river bed both upstream and downstream in order to increase the head; - a fish pass; - a small unit to turbine the attraction flow of the fish pass.
Reference location
Bex (VD) et Massongex (VS)
Final client
Consortium Massongex-Bex-Rhône (MBR)
Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Construction supervision; General planning / management; Preliminary studies