Cefalù - Palermo-Messina Railway Line - Civil works

In the scope of the doubling of the Messina-Palermo railway line, section Cefalù-Castelbuono, three tunnels and one underground station are to be built. They are cut out of the complex numidic Flysch formation. The twin-tube and single-track Cefalù tunnel is 2*6’700 m long. The excavation will be performed by a TBM-EPB Dual-mode with a diameter of 9.9 m. The maximum overburden is 130 m. Every 500 m, the two tubes are interconnected by cross-passages. An intermediate drainage shaft will be excavated, applying the “micro tunneling” method. The segmental lining (universal type 6+0) has a length of 2.2 m, a thickness of 0.4 m and an internal diameter of 8.8 m. The station of Cefalù consists of a series of urban underground structures, extending over 420 m: platform tunnels, central evacuation tunnel, shafts, emergency exits, powerhouse, etc. The single-tube and double-track S. Ambrogio tunnel is 4’300 m long. The excavation will be performed by a single shield TBM with a diameter of 12.1 m. The maximum overburden is 300 m. The segmental lining (universal type 6+1) has a length of 1.5 m, a thickness of 0.4 m and an internal diameter of 11 m. There is a 780 m long, traditionally excavated intermediate escape tunnel. The single-tube and double-track Malpertugio tunnel is 180 m long. Traditional excavation is planned. The section is polycentric, with a maximum internal clear width of 10.5 m. The maximum overburden is of 25 m.
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