Lyon-Turin Railway - Safety

The future international railway link between Lyon and Turin extends to 84 km, connecting Chiusa S. Michele (Torino) and Saint Jean de Maurienne, and includes 76 km of tunnels. The core of this project is the base tunnel with a total length of 57 km that links Susa and Saint Jean de Maurienne. A second major tunnel is planned on the Italian side in Orsiera with an overall length of 19 km. The tunnels are planned to comprise two tubes interconnected by bypasses every 333 meters.3 safety stations are provided in the base tunnel approximately every 20 km. The rail link will act as a rail-highway allowing the transit of travellers and freight transport across the alps with a speed of 220 km/h. Transportation of dangerous goods is also planned. Safety studies during the review of the preliminary project have covered following topics: - tunnel ventilation - risk analysis - accident and rescue management - installation and safety equipment - tunnel cooling and other aeraulic studies.
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