RhB Val Varuna Tunnel - Experts mandate

The Val Varuna Tunnel I of the Rhaetian Railway is located on the St. Moritz – Tirano route, about 2.7 km after the Cavaglia station. It has a total length of 148 m and was put into operation in 1908. The standard section consists of a horseshoe profile with a total height of 4.62 m. The tunnel is currently assigned to the state class 4 (status report 2015). In the context of the tunnel renewal strategy, the tunnel is to be overhauled in the years 2020 to 2022 according to the "Standard Construction Tunnel BA". The newly developed "Standard Construction Tunnel BA" stipulates that the existing tunnel portals are dismantled, the tunnel is expanded, and a new tunnel is reconstructed on the same route during night breaks. For logistical reasons, the "Standard Construction Tunnel BA" refrains from the application of prefabricated concrete elements for the lining, using shotcrete shells with a seal instead. The expertise performed by Lombardi AG is safety-oriented. The documents were verified for plausibility and analogy to the specifications of the newly developed "Standard Construction Tunnel BA" as well as to the Mistail and Sasslatsch tunnel projects, which were built in accordance with the "old" standard construction method and supervised by us as experts. The expertise was performed in such a way that deviations from the regulations and standards as well as design and execution errors, which lead to a deterioration in safety or suitability, are detected. The expertise covered the structural measures (department Structural Engineering of "RL UP-EB", (Directive for the independent inspection bodies of the railways) for the overhauling of the Val Veruna Tunnel I. It includes the construction and operating status of the tunnel system and the portals.
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