St. Gotthard Road Tunnel - Second Tube

The existing Gotthard road tunnel with a length of 16.9 km ensures the crossing of the Swiss Alps via highway N02 between the municipalities of Göschenen in the north and Airolo in the south since 1980. This highway represents an important link between northern and southern Europe. In order to avoid the interruption of this important connection, the Swiss Federal Council has proposed the construction of a second tube and, after transferring the traffic into the new tube, to rehabilitate the first tube. The project should be implemented without generating an increase in traffic capacity: after the rehabilitation, both tubes are to be operated single-lane with hard shoulder. The ultimate objective of the construction of a second tube as part of the overall rehabilitation of the Gotthard road tunnel is to increase traffic safety by means of directionally separated tunnels and transportation to create network redundancy in the event of maintenance and incident. The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has assigned Lombardi Ltd., in JV with Ernst Basler + Partner AG under the name of IG CIELO+, as owner's support engineers. In their capacity of support to the overall project management and coordinator of the JV, Lombardi's main activities included the following services: Technical support of the project by specialists in the fields of underground structures, ventilation and safety of tunnels, active support of the overall project management with the coordination, development and planning of the project, co-advisor for the assessment of third-party files and documents.
Reference location
Göschenen - Airolo
Final client
Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Bellinzona
Is Consortium
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