Southwest bypass Sins

The South-West-Bypass Sins in the south of Canton Aargau should relieve the heavily polluted city centre and its access roads from the high level of traffic (more than 25’000 vehicles per day). Along the local transit road, the limit values of the noise protection regulation are exceeded. Likewise, the pollution levels are close to and sometimes exceeding the maximum emission values. From North to South, the general project South-West-Bypass Sins comprises the roundabout North, (diameter approx. 40 m), the almost 70 m long Bachtal bridge, the connecting 912 m long cut-and cover tunnel including ventilation center and several escape routes, the 40 m long Schürmatt bicycle- and pedestrian overpass as well as the roundabout South (diameter approx. 40 m). The adjustment and upgrading of the Aargauer Road K 124, which should be handed over from the Canton Aargau to the Municipality of Sins in good condition, represents another component of the project of the South-West-Bypass Sins. Lombardi manages the general planning team which realizes not only the construction works, but also the entire operational and safety facilities, the ventilation, the noise protection, the design and landscape architecture as well as the traffic technology. Construction work on the South-West-Bypass will start in March 2019 and the installation of the electromechanical equipment will take place in the first half of 2021. The opening of the bypass is planned for September 2021, before the Aarauerstrasse is renovated for about one year. The total costs amount to 88.4 million CHF.
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Sins, Canton Aargau
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Canton Aargau, Construction Department, traffic and environment
Is Consortium
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Construction supervision; General planning / management; Electromechanical designs; Civil designs