San Bernardino Tunnel - Ventilation

The San Bernardino tunnel is divided in three ventilation sections (north, center, south). It is ventilated by means of four ventilation stations (North, Aria, Sasso and South). The ventilation system, originating in the sixties, has been partially renewed from 2001 to 2007. In the years to come, at first the ventilation shaft Aria needs rehabilitation, and thereafter the ventilation shaft Sasso needs partial rehabilitation. Measures will be taken in the ventilation system to ensure the safety during the rehabilitation work, more specifically: - The substitution of the axial exhaust air fans in the stations North, Aria, Sasso and South; - The addition of an axial air fan in place of the fresh air fan which has already been removed from the stations North and South, respectively; - The installation of compartmentation dampers into the exhaust air channel in order to create a redundancy between the fans; - The substitution of 12 jet fans; - The renouncement of the fresh air supply fan (substitution with additional safety gallery fans) in the Aria and Sasso stations; - The replacement and doubling of the safety gallery overpressure fans in order to create the necessary redundancy during the rehabilitation phase of the shafts in the Aria and Sasso stations; - The substitution and the adding of measuring sensors. No interventions are planned at the exhaust dampers which will be retained. In the context of control, it is planned to replace the local control cabinets for the longitudinal ventilation, the exhaust air and the safety gallery fans. The SCADA will be kept and updated in order to integrate the additional fans/dampers.
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Hinterrhein / San Bernardino
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FEDRO - Federal Roads Office
Is Consortium
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