N02 Second tube Gotthard road tunnel - civil works

The existing 1st tube of the Gotthard road tunnel (1TG) must be rehabilitated. On June 27, 2012, the Swiss Federal Council decided in favor of the variant “Construction of a second tunnel tube with subsequent rehabilitation of the existing tube (without increase in traffic capacity)” and thus in favor of a second tube (2TG). The 2nd tube is 17 km long and is located east of the existing service and safety tunnel (SISto) with a standard distance of 40 m. The alignment of the 2TG is mostly parallel to the route of the existing tube and the SISto. The existing portals in Göschenen and Airolo have already been designed for a 2nd tube and will be retained. The second tube will be excavated mainly by Shield-TBM (TBM-S), secured with a segmental lining and lined with a drained in-situ concrete lining. As tunnel ventilation, 5 mined ventilation stations and 2 ventilation facilities at both portals are required. The two fault zones “Mesozoic” and “Guspis”, each about 300 m long, will be made accessible in advance by two access tunnels of about 5 km, and excavated by drill-and-blast method (conventional tunneling). In both portal areas, the existing safety tunnel has to be relocated and new portal ventilation stations have to be built. Furthermore, several relocations and adjustments are required in Göschenen and Airolo. The excavated rock material will be processed as aggregate for concrete or used for various terrain modeling in Airolo and for the lake fill III in Flüelen (Lake Lucerne). Lombardi SA, as the leader of the JV “Nuovo Gottardo”, was awarded the contract “Designer tunnel – civil works” in November 2018. The services of Lombardi SA include the preparation of the detailed project, the tender documents and the construction drawings (final design) as well as the completion of the drawings and documents “as built”. (SIA phases 32 up to and including phase 53). The design activities include all underground structures as well as the preparatory works in Göschenen and Airolo.
Reference location
Göschenen / Airolo
Final client
Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)
Is Consortium
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End of services date
Civil designs; Consultancy; Electromechanical designs