Cityring Lucerne - Foundation Engineering

The A2 motorway around Lucerne on the Basle–Chiasso axis is one of the busiest road stretches in Switzerland. The Emmen-Lucerne-Kriens section is characterized by a number of 1970's-era engineering structures: the Lehnen viaduct along the Reuss in the north, the roughly 600-metre-long Reussport tunnel, the Senti bridges over the Reuss linking to the city as well as the 1.5-kilometre-long Sonnenberg tunnel to the south. After almost 40 years of operation, steadily increasing traffic has left its marks. Between 2009 and 2013 the total renovation project of the Lucerne Cityring includes the upgrade of the roads and tunnels to a technology and safety level according to today’s standard. To maintain the flow of commuter traffic during the day and at the peak travel periods, the total renovation was done during night and on selected weekends. The construction demanded a lot from contractors, planners and builders, authorities, commercial enterprises as well as the residential population around Lucerne. Joining forces allowed to meet the challenges of this highly ambitious project. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the building professionals, the extensive transport and structural measures as well as intensive outreach, the job was completed in time and at tolerable impact for the Lucerne region.
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FEDRO, Zofingen branch
Is Consortium
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Consultancy; General planning / management; Owner's support