Metro Copenhagen Cityringen - Risk Assessment

The Copenhagen Metro City Ring is expected to be running in 2018 and will consist of two single tracks in a twin tunnel each approximately 16 km in length. The City Ring includes 17 underground stations (many of them located in the historical centre of the city) with island platforms, 4 cross-over facilities and 3 construction and ventilation shafts for transporting up to 234,000 passengers on an average work day. In the framework of Damage Risk Assessment for buildings neighboring the excavation sites, the effects of subsidence induced by the construction of deep underground stations were evaluated for the following sites: - Københavns Hovedbanegård - Frederiksberg - Nørrebro - Skjolds Plads - Poul Henningsen Plads - Gammel Strand - Rådhuspladsen The effect of tunnel-induced settlements was analyzed at Frederisksberg, Rådhuspladsen and Kongens Nytorv for selected important constructions. Most of the structures to be assessed were in fact masonry buildings positioned at short distance from retaining walls and/or located directly above the tunnel alignment. The excavation processes were modeled by means of finite elements analyses. In general, the soil-structure interaction was taken into account when calculating expected damage to the structures. In order to properly model the soil behavior, advanced constitutive laws were adopted. In some cases, in order to comply with the very strict limitations imposed by the Copenhagen municipality on the tolerated damage, mitigation measures were advised.
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