Turin-Ceres - Connection of the line with the RFI network - Equipment - SUBWAYS

The connection of the Turin-Ceres railway (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti) with the Turin railway network (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) represents important underground works of approximately 4.2 km including the realization of a new twin-track tunnel along Largo Grosseto, the completion of Rebaudengo Underground Station and the adaption of an existing twin-track tunnel section. In addition to the structural design, Lombardi has developed the detailed design of the necessary electromechanical equipment to ensure the safety of users and the functionality of the railway’s operation and the underground stations. The design of Grosseto Station has been developed using Building Information Modelling (BIM) which allowed an efficient interaction between the different design disciplines, obtaining a high-quality result. The electromechanical system, designed with respect to the safety requirements of the Ministerial Decree 28.10.2005 “Safety of railway tunnels”, includes the medium and low voltage power supply, the normal and emergency lighting system, a complex ventilation and fumes control system for the underground stations, the pressurization system of the emergency exits, the fire detection system, the water distribution networks for the hydrants and the automatic high pressure sprinkler extinguishing system, the ventilation and air-conditioning of the technical rooms, the video surveillance as well as the intrusion protection and monitoring systems.
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