Public spaces development of the Rose de Cherbourg

EPADESA is developing an urban project in the Rose de la Cherbourg area located in Puteaux, in the neighborhood of the La Défense business district. It aims to improve the connection between the area of La Défense and the city of Puteaux, restore the urban character of the boulevard circulaire, create a new local neighborhood by building offices, facilities, shops and housing. The project transforms, rather than demolishes, a complex urban infrastructure. For the first time in France, a road interchange will be converted into a hanging garden, open for walking, sport and social life. The project also includes the creation of a park from existing green spaces that currently are inaccessible or little frequented by walkers, in synergy with the new hanging garden. It improves the pedestrian link of this complex with its environment. This public space project is accompanied by the construction of the Hekla tower (80'000 m² of offices), a student residence (CAMPUSEA) and shops (tower and residence non-mission). As part of these operations, the JV has a mission of project management within the MOP law following the PRO (PRO, ACT, VISA, DET, AOR). The JV is composed of AME (leader) – INGEROP – LOMBARDI. Lombardi is responsible for the design and supervision of the works on existing and new structures. The mission consist in - Technical support of the urban design teams to validate the technical feasibility of the project, - Verify the adequacy of the planned developments with the existing engineering structures including 2 longitudinally and transversely prestressed structures, - Design civil engineering works, some of which interface with the national rail or road network, - Author rail safety files (IG94589 and IG90033) - Take into account the human environment and the nuisances generated, in the design, methods and phasing of the works.
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La Défense – Paris
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Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Construction supervision; General planning / management; Special studies