ATG - Gotthard Base Tunnel - Portal Area Sedrun

In the portal area of the access tunnel Sedrun there are several structures that are required for the operation of the 57 km long Gotthard-Base Tunnel. The main elements include: Railway Infrastructure Building, Sedrun: Two-storied building in solid construction, in which the facilities for the railway infrastructure are installed. Two facades of the approximately 40 m long, 15.5 m wide and 10 m high building are made of exposed concrete, the other two of metal. The flat roof is greened. Vorderrhein Bridge: Reinforced concrete bridge as pre-stressed frame structure with a length of approximately 25.7 m and a lane width of 5.5 m. The box girder accommodates the cable lines between the railway infrastructure building and the access tunnel, with the bridge girder leading to an 8 m long cable cellar. Portal Building: Connection of the access tunnel Sedrun and the air supply openings for the operating ventilation of the Gotthard-Base Tunnel. By its shaping this building fulfills also the function as an avalanche dissipation structure. Pump Pit for Water Supply: Underground pump station in reinforce concrete including cables, electromechanical equipment as well as two water reservoirs. For safety reasons, all waste water lines of the Gotthard-Base-Tunnel are permanently supplied with water from here.
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