Migros - Avry Center - Ventilation of the Access Tunnels

The current site occupied by the Avry Center aims to become a new destination, a place of exchange, culture, leisure and encounter. It is also the project of a new vibrant public square, connected to Avry, to Matran, its region and its landscape composed of agricultural fields, the river Saane and the Fribourg Pre-Alps in the background. This new public square will live at the pace of three major stakeholders: a new shopping mall incorporating various programmes and public services (including a wide range of catering facilities, a medical centre, a Migros Club School and a fitness centre), a swimming centre open to the public and schools, as well as a multiplex cinema with a varied programme. A new neighbourhood of attractive and innovative housing will also be developed in the freed space of the former Mall. This mixed neighbourhood will ensure a quality of life due to its opening onto the great landscape and its connection to the surrounding nature. Lombardi takes charge of the design, sizing and realization of the ventilation and smoke extraction system of the 3 underground accesses to the new Mall: - The logistics access will be equipped with a vertical ventilation station allowing the extraction of smoke in case of fire - The client accesses North and South will be equipped with jet fans for removing smoke from the access structures longitudinally.
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Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg
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