National Youth Sports Centre Tenero

The CST project involves the restructuring of the part that contains the temporary accommodation and the upgrading of the sports installations. The main building on a single level consists of a reinforced concrete structure, cast on site for the foundation slabs, and precast concrete and metal structures for the remaining elevated part. The building is of rectangular shape of 260x10.50 m; the height varies from 3.50 m at the floor slabs to 5.00 m at the metallic carpentry at the roof. The campsite is located in the southern part of the area, next to the main building. It includes 28 reinforced concrete slabs which allow the installation of tents to accommodate in total about 600 people. Further green areas are available for the installation of additional tents and entertainment. The raising of the average quote of the camping area located south of the Fiumetta stream (ca. 1.50 m of 20’000 square meters to 35’000 cubic meters of fill) allowed the creation of three new soccer fields, of which 2 are regular. Where possible, the rainwater (road surfaces) will infiltrate into the soil. After treatment and through overflow, the surplus is fed into the Fiumetta stream and then into Lake Maggiore. The renaturation of the Fiumetta stream leeds to the arrangement and the rehabilitation of the bridges that cross the Finnish track.
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Ufficio Federale della Costruzione e della Logistica, Bern
Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Construction supervision; Preliminary studies