Muttsee Photovoltaic Plant

The Muttsee dam of Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG is located at 2’475 meters above sea level and faces south. Due to the good, elevated location and the orientation of the dam, Axpo developed a project for the construction of a photovoltaic plant on the outer dam wall. Due to the high snow volumes, the solar modules are not installed on the lowest section of the dam. This results in a solar power plant with a capacity of about 2 MW, distributed over an effective solar module area of about 10’000 m2. The estimated average installed capacity is of about 2.8 GWh/a. An additional technical control room will be built north of the guard house of the pumped storage plant Limmern for the power evacuation. Lombardi Ltd. was commissioned by AXPO for the design of the technical control room of the photovoltaic plant. The commissioned work includes the SIA phases 32, 41, 51 to 53 for civil works and HVAC equipment.
Reference location
Canton Glarus
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Muttsee AlpinSolar AG
Is Consortium
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