Detail Engineering Review And On-Site Supervision- Campo Lindo

The Campo Lindo wind farm includes the installation of 17 wind turbines supplied by VESTAS, model V150-4.3MW Mk3E HH140, which will have a hub height of 140m and a rotor diameter of 150m, with an individual power of 4.3MW. The Campo Lindo Elevating Substation collects the energy generated by the Campo Lindo wind farm, which is elevated to 220 kV for subsequent discharge into the Santa Clara Substation, which carries out the sectioning of the double circuit of the Charrúa - Mulchén line and integrates the 220 kV line coming from the Campo Lindo Wind Farm. The service provided by Lombardi includes the review of the background and detailed engineering designs of the civil and structural works (Balance of Plant), covering the following specialties: - Structural review of the foundations of the wind turbines. - Geotechnical review of soil improvements on the positions of the wind turbines and transmission line towers. - Revision of road engineering and accesses to the construction site. - Review of the civil and structural works of the Campo Lindo Elevator Substation. - Review of the civil and structural works of the 220kv Transmission Line. - Review of civil and structural works of Santa Clara Disconnection Substation. - Review of the sanitary and potable water project for the substation facilities and offices. Additionally, Lombard provided on-site assistance during construction
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Región del Bio Bio, Los Angeles
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AES Gener
Is Consortium
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Construction supervision; Consultancy