Upper Wawa Pumping Station

The Upper Wawa Pumping Station Project includes a pumping station for potable water of 518 MLD capacity (6 m3/s) that will serve the city of Manila as part of the Bulk Water Supply project. The Employer of the project is Wawa JVCo and the EPC contractor is Prime BMD. The project consists mainly of a pumping station hosted in a vertical shaft 65 m deep and 29 m diameter, a 2.1 km conveyor steel pipeline of 1.8 m diameter, an access road 1.5 km long, one access tunnel 1 km long in drill and blast, and three separate intakes consisting of steel lining suction tunnels equipped valves that will convey the water for the new WAWA reservoir to the pumping station inside the shaft. From there, the pumped water will be conveyed to the Calawis Water Treatment Plant. Commissioning of the project is foreseen in December, 2024.
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Wawa JV
Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Electromechanical designs