Main inspections of the tunnels Amsteg – Göschenen

On behalf of the Federal Road Office FEDRO, Zofingen branch, in the period 2014-2024 Lombardi carries out the quinquennial main inspections of the tunnels Intschi I, Intschi II, Platti, Langlaui, Ried and Teiftal between Amsteg and Göschenen in the canton of Uri on the north ramp of the Gotthard road tunnel. The two-tube road tunnels have 2 lanes each and some of them include auxiliary structures. The tunnels have varying lengths from a minimum of 80 meters up to 555 meters. Due to the age of the structures and the various repairs, all the tunnels have different characteristics and damages. The tunnel inspection aims to capture the actual state of the tunnel via a visual inspection of the structure, to document it accordingly and then to evaluate it. The key component of the main inspection is the visual inspection of all structural elements, which accompany a description of the structure. The documentation in the report includes the description, analysis and assessment of the current condition of the structure, the preparation of a forecast and a recommendation for action.
Reference location
Amsteg - Göschenen (Canton of Uri)
Final client
Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Zofingen
Is Consortium
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Monitoring / Safety / Operation / Maintenance; Consultancy