Garibaldi Bridge Island La Maddalena

The new Garibaldi Bridge connects the island of La Maddalena to the island of Caprera and was built as part of the extraordinary works planned for the G8 meeting in July 2009, which was later moved to the city of L'Aquila. The project involves the removal of the temporary Bailey-type bridge and the construction of a new road and pedestrian bridge. The longitudinal profile of the new deck is circular curved, the cross-section and overhangs of the pavement are of constant size while the core has a variable width and thickness. The bridge extends above the sea along a straight axis for about 52 m, with a maximum height of about 5.6 m above the water level. The cross section of the bridge is 10 m wide, the space dedicated to vehicular traffic is 6 m. On the sides there are two tapered corbels which constitute a protected pedestrian and bicycle space of 1.8 each. The deck structure is composed of 2 inverted symmetrical arches with an upper slab-chain. In the intermediate section, the connection between the arch and the slab is a system of metal props inclined in a fan shape in longitudinal and transverse direction to form a regular mesh of supports for the slab. The slab is pre-compressed in the longitudinal direction by means of a diffused system of post-tensioning cables composed of compact, non-adherent 0.6" section single-stranded viplate and protected by HDPE sheathing. Due to the extraordinary requirements imposed by the client, the construction was completed in just 4 months.
Reference location
Province of Olbia
Final client
Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Struttura di missione unificata – Soggetto Attuatore
Is Consortium
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