Semi-interchange Altdorf

Within the framework of the regional traffic concept, the Canton of Uri constructs a new link (west-east link, WOV) to improve the traffic situation and relieve the center of Altdorf and the roundabout Flüelen. FEDRO supports the overall traffic concept pursued by the Canton of Uri and, with the project “Semi-interchange Altdorf”, ensures the connection of the WOV to the national road network. The planned semi-interchange Altdorf will be constructed at km 144.800-145.600 of the N2 national road and connected to the cantonal roads Industriestrasse and Attinghauserstrasse. The road with of the entrance and exit is 6.00 m (3.50 m carriageway, 2.50 m emergency lane). They are both about 380 m long. The two connecting nodes will be constructed as three- respectively four-way roundabouts (D = 30 m) with concrete pavement. As part of the new nodes, the existing routes of the slow traffic needs to be adapted and maintained throughout the entire construction period. The exit also includes the construction of a supporting wall to widen the carriageway in the area of the existing Reuss dam. Within the scope of the project, a road drainage and construction in ecologically very sensitive environment (water protection area) must be planned and executed.
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Federal Roads Office FEDRO
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Civil designs; Construction supervision; Preliminary studies