Extension Northern Bypass Zurich, Lot 1 (covering Weiningen)

The general project envisages a semi-interchange in Weiningen, in the vicinity of residential areas, as well as a 100 m long covering of the western portal area of the existing 1st and 2nd and the new 3rd tube of the Gubrist tunnel. The national road N01 will be enlarged at the project perimeter due to the additional roadway for the new 3rd tube of the Gubrist tunnel. In the future, 3 lanes will lead towards the Limmattal junction in the new 3rd tube, while 2 lanes will lead towards St. Gallen / Airport in each of the existing 1st and 2nd tube. The new semi-interchange Weiningen, compared to the existing one, has been moved by 200 m towards the Limmattal junction and is characterized by an exit at the level of the national road N01 as well as a geometrically rescaled entrance compared to the detailed design of 2009. The two existing overpasses “Einfahrtsrampe” and “Klosterweg” will be demolished and reconstructed in a new location. The bypass will be adjusted in the horizontal alignment over a length of about 400 m. The country lanes will be adjusted to the impacts of the project.
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Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Winterhthur
Is Consortium
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Construction supervision; General planning / management; Owner's support