Museum of Glacier Garden Lucerne

The Lucerne Glacier Garden will be renewed and extended until 2021 for a total of CHF 20 million. The existing extensions at the Swiss House will be demolished and a new building will be constructed further north. However, the main attraction of the museum extension is the planned adventure path inside the rock. It consists of a gallery passage, a cavern staged as a mountain lake and a shaft accessible via a staircase. Visitors can experience the geological formations and the special structures of the bedding planes and the joint surface of the Lucerne sandstone up close. Securing and covering should therefore be avoided wherever possible. The profile form follows, if possible, the geological structures. The development of the underground components takes place in a separate gallery, which is not accessible to the visitors and, in the final state, includes part of the technical facilities of the museum as well as storage areas. Due to the location right in the centre of the city and in proximity to the Lion Monument, special attention must be paid to the emissions by the planned drill-and-blast excavation. Extensive monitoring measures of the surrounding buildings are planned.
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Lucerne Glacier Garden Foundation
Is Consortium
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Civil designs; Construction supervision; General planning / management