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The Lombardi commitment

​In 1955 Dr​ Giovanni Lombardi founded his consulting company for engineering services, cornerstone of the Lombardi Group. Today, our company cares for the life cycle of transport infrastructures and hydraulic works from the initial design phases to their operation. Visionary and effective projects, brought to successful completion by our teams in a strong and long lasting partnership with our clients, are the best credentials for outstanding and high quality engineering work.
The growth of our activities during the last decades has been achieved by consolidating our presence in our traditional markets and by a continuous search for innovative solutions resulting in optimized project costs at
uncompromised quality. Lombardi’s absolute independence from contractors, suppliers and other consultants is our hallmark and will be maintained in future. All shareholders are involved in the operative management of the Group’s companies, thus ensuring maximum commitment an​d the flexibility required by today’s market conditions.
We will always provide made-to-measure and complete services, combining technological innovation with proven engineering practice in the best possible way. Faithful to our commitment to quality and client satisfaction the
Lombardi Group will continue to develop engineering solutions to the world’s challenges.​

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