​Board of Directors - Ho​lding​​

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Michele FumagalliPresident1Lombardi Person Page
Davide FabbriSecretary and member of the Board2Lombardi Person Page
Francesco AmbergMember of the Board3Lombardi Person Page
Marco BraghiniMember of the Board4Lombardi Person Page
Dr. Roger BremenMember of the Board5Lombardi Person Page
Alessandro DamianiMember of the Board6Lombardi Person Page
Michel Martin Dit SandreMember of the Board7Lombardi Person Page
Andrea MordasiniMember of the Board8Lombardi Person Page
Matthias NeidhartMember of the Board9Lombardi Person Page

General Manage​rs​​​

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Matthias NeidhartGeneral Manager, Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Switzerland1Lombardi Person Page
Alessandro DamianiGeneral Manager, Lombardi Ingegneria Srl, Italy 2Lombardi Person Page
Michel Martin Dit SandreGeneral Manager, Lombardi Ingénierie SAS, France3Lombardi Person Page
Magali MathyGeneral Manager, Lombardi Belgium SA, Belgium4Lombardi Person Page
Carlos FernandezGeneral Manager, Lombardi Latinoamerica SA, Guatemala5Lombardi Person Page
Surinder PalGeneral Manager, Lombardi India Pvt. Ltd., India6Lombardi Person Page

​Steering Committee​​​

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Dr. Roger BremenChairman1Lombardi Person Page
Carlo BeltramiStructures2Lombardi Person Page
Francesco AmbergNumerical analyses3Lombardi Person Page
Marco BraghiniDams and Hydropower4Lombardi Person Page
Luca MancinelliMetro tunnels5Lombardi Person Page
Gian Paolo NodiroliElectromechanical equipment’s, ventilation and safety7Lombardi Person Page
Andrea PancieraUnderground works8Lombardi Person Page
Damien TilletOperation and Maintenance9Lombardi Person Page

​Internal Services​

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Stefania CaldesiQuality Manager1Lombardi Person Page
Fabiana MondadaExecutive secretary2Lombardi Person Page
Rachel NiedermannPublic Relations3Lombardi Person Page