Dr. Giovanni Lombardi founds his engineering company
Dr. Giovanni Lombardi
Completion of the 220 m high Contra Dam (first dam entirely designed using numerical analyses)
Completion of the Gotthard road tunnel (17 km, longest road tunnel in the world)
First publication on GIN (Grouting Intensity Number)
Lombardi Engineering Ltd. was founded in Locarno (Switzerland)
Publication of FES (Fissured, Elastic, Saturated) rock mass model
The Lombardi Italia Srl branch - today Lombardi Ingegneria Srl - was founded in Milan (Italy)
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Lucerne (Switzerland)
Lombardi Latinoamerica SA was founded in Guatemala City (Guatemala)
Breakthrough of the AlpTransit Gotthard base tunnel (57 km, longest rail tunnel in the world)
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Quito (Ecuador)
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Fribourg (Switzerland)
Lombardi India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in New Delhi (India)
Opening of the Vedeggio-Cassarate tunnel: bypass of Lugano (Switzerland). Lombardi Ltd. carried out the whole civil and electromechanical design, as well as the construction supervision
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Lima (Peru)
Lombardi Ingénierie SAS was founded in Lyon (France)
Lombardi Belgium SA was founded in Brussels (Belgium)
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Innsbruck (Austria)
Lombardi Group celebrates 60 years
Lombardi Ingegneria Srl's office was opened in Turin (Italy)
The Gotthard base Tunnel (longest railway tunnel in the world) opened on June 1st
Lombardi Ingénierie SAS's office was opened in Paris (France)
Lombardi Ingénierie SAS - Paris
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Santiago (Chile)
Lombardi Ltd.'s Santiago Office
Lombardi Ltd.'s office was opened in Sydney (Australia)
Opening of the new Lombardi Group Headquarters in Bellinzona-Giubiasco (Switzerland)