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The road infrastructure must be constantly monitored by means of new technologies, ensuring continuous diagnosis and knowledge of the condition and behaviour of the structures in real time. The aim is to always guarantee the safety of the road infrastructure and to ensure optimum economic and sustainable maintenance management.
Lombardi, together with its partners Infrastructure Management Consultants, Institute of Structural Analysis and Design ETH Zurich and Lehmann+Partner, is pleased to carry out the forward-looking client support mandate for the project "Use of new technologies for infrastructure monitoring" for the Federal Roads Office FEDRO.

19/08/202119/08/202219/08/2021 10:09
New Boardmembers “Giovanni Lombardi” foundation
Maren Katterbach is the new president of the Giovanni Lombardi foundation Board and welcomes the new members Dr Sara Zingg, Dr Selim Sayah from Lombardi. We are looking forward to pursuing the goals of the Foundation with this great expertise.
To attract young future engineers to submit research proposals to the foundation and stimulate interesting research works, an improvement to communications in general, and the divulgation of research works being performed is planned. Direct contact with possible candidates is sought and a closer follow-up of research work by specialized persons is foreseen.
The Giovanni Lombardi foundation thereby hopes to strengthen its position as an encouraging and supporting actor for research.
Within the framework of the new set up, the foundation is also launching a new call for proposals.
More information on the foundation, research projects and planned calls for proposals, you can find on our webpage. / here
18/08/202118/08/202218/08/2021 16:26
Commissioning of first TBM at Snowy 2.0 – 2’000 MW PSP project

Snowy Hydro celebrated a major milestone, with commissioning of the first tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the Snowy 2.0 project. The ‘Lady Eileen Hudson’ TBM will soon commence tunnelling for Australia’s largest renewable energy project, the 2,000 MW pumped-hydro expansion of the mighty Snowy Scheme.
TBM is set to excavate the 2.6km main access tunnel and provide access to the site of the underground power station. The TBM will be relaunched to excavate the tailrace tunnel for a total of 7.9km.
In this project, Lombardi scope includes the design of all the dry and wet tunnels, including the inclined pressure shaft, in addition to both the intakes and surge shaft, downstream and upstream. Lombardi is carrying too all the hydraulic and transient analysis.

18/07/202118/07/202218/08/2021 17:57
The largest hydroshield TBM in India has been activated

​January 2021: The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) extended the road network of the city with a belt road seaside, already partly realized with the Bandra-Worli Sea-Link bridge, crossing the Mahim bay. This new route, the Mumbai Coastal Road, is 30 km long and mostly on bridges and is closed at its south end by an approx. 4 km long tunnel. This links the Worli interchange to the Marine Drive, also known for its arched shape called the Princess Necklace, towards Nariman Point near the renowned monument of the Gateway of India.
The design of the tunnel was awarded to Lombardi Group by Larsen & Toubro, the company selected for its realization and the largest contractor in India.
After 1 year of design and the completion of the preliminary works, the largest hydroshield TBM in India was lowered in the launching shaft (becoming part of the future ramp to the surface portion of the project) last December. The TBM "Mavala" was activated this January 2021, the 11th day, under the auspices and presence of the state Head Minister of Maharashtra, whose capital city is Mumbai. The TBM is manufactured by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (CRCHI) according to the design specification Lombardi defined and calibrated in cooperation with the contractor and the manufacturer.
The TBM has the largest diameter today in India (12.19 m), allows the installation of precast segments of 35 cm thickness according to the named "universal geometry". On its invert, a precast utility box harbours all canals, technical ducts and the cabling for the ventilation, the lighting, the detection and the tunnel management.
Lombardi Group presence in the project is assured by its Indian branch, the headquarters in Switzerland and the contribution of its Italian branch. It developed the civil work design of the tunnel and the related works (the cross passages and the technical buildings) and the design of the ventilation system, the safety equipment and the electromechanical equipment, as well as the complete SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) for the operation management and control as well as in case of accident or of maintenance. Fire accidents with 100 MW fire power (heavy truck with high fire potential, according to the Rijkswaterstaat curve) have been simulated by 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analyses in order to define the efficiency and the characteristics of the ventilation system (Saccardo system).

09/02/202109/02/202209/02/2021 16:36
First female federal expert for dams in Switzerland

​Lombardi is pleased to have Switzerland’s first female federal expert for dams among its employees. Mrs. Fern has been appointed civil engineering expert for the Lessoc dam, operated by Groupe E in the Canton of Fribourg. Not only is she the first woman, but at 32 she is also the youngest professional to hold this position in Switzerland.

09/02/202109/02/202209/02/2021 16:55
Operation of the Brussels road network
Since 2015, Lombardi has been in charge of operating the Brussels road network. This highly frequented network (500’000 vehicles per day) includes 350 km of urban roads, 15 km of highways and 13 km of tunnels.
 This fruitful collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region was initiated in the media context calling for a better management of mobility and tunnels in Brussels.
There are many challenges to be met in the coming years. Currently, the team is opening its horizons towards integrated and real-time mobility management, thereby developing its knowledge in the field of intelligent traffic and deepening its contacts with the other players of Brussels mobility. This is manifested especially in the creation of partnerships with public transport and rescue services
09/02/202109/02/202209/02/2021 17:13
Award of 5 federal research packages in tunnel maintenance management

​January 2021: The aim of the research on the maintenance management of mined tunnels is to define a methodological structure for the long-term object-related maintenance planning of tunnels, considering the integration into a superordinate maintenance management at the overall system level.
Lombardi has been awarded with research packages for the maintenance management of mined tunnels in various engineering joint-ventures.
The five research packages include the damage processes and long-term behavior of tunnels, the monitoring and inspection methods, the analysis and definition of maintenance measures and the cataloging, as well as the development of a decision model and the development of a cost model as a basis for decision-making. 
Lombardi is extremely pleased to participate actively in the research in the road sector for the benefit of its customers .

27/01/202127/01/202227/01/2021 16:45
Preliminary studies for flood protection plans of the Cities of Sullana and Talara, Peru

January 2021: Lombardi has been awarded with the Preliminary studies for flood protection plans of the Cities of Sullana and Talara, Perú.
The Integral Protection Plan includes the conception of the construction, operation and maintenance of the structural and non-structural urban measures related to water drainage, in order to reduce the risk or mitigate the damage caused by floods due to extreme rainfall.
The integrated study, through a disaster risk management and sustainable development approach, will strengthen the resilience of the population, assets and the environment, through a set of specific measures and interventions.

15/01/202115/01/202215/01/2021 08:29
Award for the project design consultancy of the underground railway station in Lucerne

December 2020: Lombardi, AFRY Switzerland Ltd, B+S Ltd and Dürig Ltd, as Engineering Joint Venture LUx, have been awarded the general design consultancy of the underground station. 

The underground station is the centerpiece of a new cross-city rail line that will significantly increase the capacity of the Lucerne railway junction. The Engineering Joint Venture LUx was commissioned with the general design consultancy of the station. 

With around 100'000 boarding and alighting passengers per day, Lucerne railway station is the sixth-largest railway station in Switzerland. However, due to its central location directly on the lakeshore and the complexity of rail operations, it is reaching its limits. With the underground through-station and a new cross-city railway line, capacities will be increased and ensured in the long term. 

Four underground tracks will connect the Basel/Bern–Lucerne and Lucerne–Zurich axes in the future. Passengers will benefit from new through-connections, more trains and shorter journey times. The through-station will represent a key element of the national and regional railway mobility. 

The mandate of the Engineering Joint Venture LUx includes the general design consultancy of the design phases from the preliminary design to and including the tender design/procedure. Optionally, the assignment of the phases detailed design, commissioning and completion is also planned, as Owner's Engineer. 

06/01/202106/01/202206/01/2021 11:14
Award for Mumbai Coastal Road Project Package-IV (MCRP-IV)
November 2020: The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai proposed to develop a coastal road project (MCRP) from Princess Street flyover to Kandivali junction, over a length of approximately 29 km, to ease the traffic congestion in Mumbai and, simultaneously, to create recreational spaces in the adjoining areas. This project is being implemented in 2 phases namely South and North. This phase is further divided into 3 packages, which are:
- Package IV: Princess street flyover to Priyadarshini park (km 1+970 to km 5+900);
- Package I: Priyadarshini park to Baroda palace (km 5+900 to km 9+720); and
- Package II: Baroda palace to Worli end of BWSL (km 9+720 to km 12+470).
Lombardi has been awarded the Package-IV of this project, which includes a 2 km long twin tube tunnel with a diameter of 12.2 m excavated by TBM, for design and design-support during construction by Larson & Toubro (L&T) which is the Design Build Contractor (DBC) of Package-IV.
The TBM itself is a Slurry-type TBM and the largest TBM in India as of November 2020. Each tunnel is expected to take ~8 months to drill with TBM. The two tunnel alignments pass under Malabar Hills of Mumbai as well as under the famous Hanging Gardens. The geology encountered along the alignments consists of Basalts and Breccia-Shales.
Currently, the TBM is getting assembled, the cutter head is being welded, the launching shaft is ready and the TBM gantry is almost assembled. The casting of the segments has also started. We congratulate all officials and engineers involved in this project for such great progress.
05/01/202105/01/202205/01/2021 11:55
Milestone Breakthrough at Sumber – Urnihal in Tunnel T-49 of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link Project (USBRL), India

August 2020: USBRL has manoeuvred a total of 118 km railway tunnelling in a total stretch of 272 km rail line through the Pir Panjal range linking the Kashmir valley with the Jammu region, with a cluster of completed and under-construction projects. The detailed design consultancy (DDC) and the initial part of the supervision were awarded to a different company. After the initial period of 3 years construction, Lombardi Engineering Ltd has been awarded for taking over the supervision and the still missing E&M design contract for tunnel T-49 by IRCON International Ltd. in the Katra-Banihal section of the project. T-49 is a tunnel in Sumber area of 12.75 km which is under construction and is divided into sub-parts T-49A and T-49B.
An important milestone for the USBRL project: August 30th, 2020 marked Sumber-Urnihal breakthrough in both the main tunnel and the escape tunnel of the 6.4 km long T-49A (part of T-49).It is a proud moment for “Lombardians” to have achieved another milestone after the Kundan-Higni breakthrough in tunnel T-49B on July 29th, 2018.

03/01/202105/01/202205/01/2021 11:55
Philippines, Wawa Weir 2 Water Supply Project: Design and Site technical support

​August 2020: Lombardi has been awarded the contract for the design of the Tayabasan Weir 2 and pumping station. The project comprises a 24 m high dam, which will be constructed as a hardfill structure, a pumping station with three parallel pumps with a capacity of 100 kW each and a 600 m long water conveyor pipeline (DN700-900). After completion, the pumping station will supply the capital Manila with up to 80 million liters of water daily. Lombardi is the contractor’s engineer and is responsible for the basic design, detailed design and IFC documents in addition to local technical support during construction.

24/09/202024/09/202124/09/2020 13:54
Milestone for Australia’s largest renewable energy project

August 2020: Snowy 2.0 pumped-storage project has achieved another important milestone on 28 August 2020 with approval by the Australian Federal Government giving the go-ahead for Snowy Hydro Limited to commence main works.
First power generation is expected from Snowy 2.0 by 2025, with project completion in 2026.
Snowy 2.0 will provide an additional 2,000 MW of fast-start, dispatchable energy and provide 350,000 MWh of large-scale storage, enough to power the equivalent of 500,000 households for over a week during peak demand.
Construction of Australia’s largest renewable energy project, Snowy 2.0, is progressing at pace, driving the creation of thousands of new jobs and paving the way for cheaper and more reliable energy for Australian households and businesses.
As the shareholder of Snowy Hydro Limited, the Government’s approval for Snowy to commence main works follows final environmental regulatory approvals for the project in June 2020.
Future Generation Joint-Venture, the main EPC contractor charged for project, will now begin construction of an underground power station, waterways and access tunnels, and other supporting infrastructure.
The project builds on the exploratory works for Snowy 2.0, which commenced in 2019 and included constructing site access roads, excavating an exploratory tunnel and establishing a construction compound.
Lombardi is proud to be part of Snowy 2.0 as designer for Future Generation Joint Venture, responsible for the design and construction assistance services of more than 26 km waterway tunnels and surge shafts, 20 km of access tunnels and intake/outlet structures at Tantangara and Talbingo reservoirs.

18/09/202018/09/202105/01/2021 11:34
At the Suiz Spacio in the Nuñoa station of the Santiago Metro... the time has come!

​August 2020: As Lombardi Engineers we are very excited to have been able to participate in this special initiative that led to the installation of the first Swiss analogue clock in Chile.
The famous railway clock is an icon of Switzerland, known worldwide for its unmistakable design and as a symbol of punctuality and reliability of public transport.
Visit Suiz Spacio, a unique cultural project between Switzerland and Chile, located in the Nuñoa station of the Santiago Metro.

20/08/202020/08/202120/08/2020 14:54
New: Lombardi Engineering Ltd. on the north-south axis

January 2020: At the start of the new year 2020, Lombardi Engineering Ltd. moved its headquarters to its new location in Bellinzona-Giubiasco.
We moved into an office building with the Minergie 5plus energy standard directly next to the Giubiasco railway station, thus making an important contribution to sustainability.
The new office building offers around 160 work places for our staff.
With the new location in Bellinzona-Giubiasco, we are moving to the north-south axis and are thus closer to our clients and partners.

We look forward to welcoming all our clients and partners to our new office from January 2020.

Our new address from 2020:
Via del Tiglio 2, P.O.B. 934
6512 Bellinzona-Giubiasco, Switzerland.

06/01/202006/01/202105/01/2021 11:35
Commissioning of the Galgenbuck Tunnel (Switzerland)

On December 6th, 2019 the Galgenbuck Tunnel was opened to traffic, within the timescale and budget. Since 2010 Lombardi, leading partner of an Engineering Joint-Venture, oversaw the civil design and the site supervision for the construction of the Galgenbuck Tunnel.

The tunnel excavation took place in highly heterogeneous and variable geological conditions. The Charlottenfels tunnel of the Deutsche Bahn (DB, German Railway Company) was underpassed at a minimum distance of around 5.5 m. The largest excavation section (service bay in the tunnel centre) is of 230 m2.

We thank the employer, our engineering partner and all participating contractors for the excellent and targeted cooperation. We are particularly pleased that during the last 7 years there were no significant accidents at work.

10/12/201910/12/202005/01/2021 11:37
Validated risk assessment tool LoRis 2.0 in accordance to the Swiss guideline ASTRA 89005

June 2019: It is in all our interest to reduce the risk and provide a high level of safety to tunnel users. Swiss guidelines ASTRA 19004 and 89005 define a quantitative assessment methodology that describes the role of risk analysis in decision making and the evaluation of measures to achieve a higher safety in tunnels of the national roadway system. This methodology has been implemented in LoRis, an internally developed tool that facilitates the investigation of risk and provides information about cost-effective measures for existing as well as new tunnels.
LoRis is built on a Bayesian network, a probabilistic model, that computes the individual risk and relevant FN curves for fatalities and injuries. The underlying scientific approach takes quantitative information regarding events, and processes consequences using mathematical functions and CFD-simulations. The methodology is applicable to tunnels with a length greater than 300 m, open to the transit of normal, heavy goods and dangerous goods vehicles.
The tool is in continuous development, following the statistical trend of base rates, ready to employ the newest principles and perspectives of the roadway research community.

01/07/201901/07/202001/07/2019 12:30
On tour from the heart of the Gotthard…

21.06.2019 arrival of the 7th stage of the Tour de Suisse on the Gotthard Pass. In honour of its bond with the Gotthard and the Leventina, valley, Lombardi Ltd. as principal sponsor is present on site with a delegation of clients and collaborators.

21/06/201921/06/202002/07/2019 15:36
Groundbreaking ceremony of the noise protection enclosure project of Schwamendingen, Switzerland

On April 1st, 2019 in the presence of the Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga, the official start of the construction of this unique large-scale project took place in the centre of the city of Zurich.
After the preliminary works of the noise protection enclosure of Schwamendingen were carried out in the summer of 2017 and the main works were noticeable at the beginning of March 2019, on April 1st, 2019 the official groundbreaking ceremony of the project took place. Lombardi is part of an engineering joint-venture and is involved as external overall site supervisor for all works and domains (civil works, electromechanical equipment as well as building construction and environment).

11/04/201911/04/202011/04/2019 15:43
50 years later, Lombardi completes the Gotthard road tunnel, Switzerland

November 2018: Originally, the Gotthard road tunnel was designed by Lombardi as a twin tube tunnel. However, by former resolution of the Swiss Federal Council, only one tube with a safety tunnel has been realized. Thanks to an innovative idea for the alignment, Giovanni Lombardi could sign the contract for the planning of the first tube of the Gotthard road tunnel in April 1967, a historic moment and a milestone for Lombardi. Now, a good 50 years later, Lombardi can contribute to complete the construction project of the century.
Lombardi, within two different engineering joint ventures, has been awarded the design services and the technical management for both the civil works and the MEP (electromechanical equipment) scopes for the second tube of the Gotthard road tunnel, Switzerland. The construction assignment includes the fields tunneling/geotechnical engineering (including materials management), alignment and engineering structures, as well as the lead of the overall dossier for the phases starting from the detailed design up to and including the commissioning/closure. In the second mandate, Lombardi and its partners were commissioned the design services for MEP (power supply, lighting, ventilation, signaling, monitoring systems, communication and control technology, cable systems and auxiliary systems for the phases starting from detailed design up to and including the commissioning/closure (including the redesign of the Airolo junction).

08/11/201808/11/201908/11/2018 15:15
Lombardi is committed to "Engineers without borders Switzerland" (IngOG +)

October 2018: Engineers without borders Switzerland (IngOG+) is working with Hazima Smajlovic, a refugee from Bosnia, and the local authorities to build and operate a shared residence in Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina for single war victim’s women in Bosnia. The project will contribute to fill the lack of social housing and old-age housing provision and offer to needy women a worthy perspective. "Engineers without borders Switzerland" (IngOG+) takes over the project management with the financial support of Lombardi as part of the project, coordinates the planning and operation of the building, accompanies the development of the residential community and organizes the financing.
With this social commitment, Lombardi and also IngOG+ offer a "plus" for the quality of life and for the environment.
More about the project Social Housing in Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

15/10/201815/10/201915/10/2018 14:11
Sachseln Tunnel – successful commissioning of the new plants

​September 2018: The Sachseln Tunnel is Switzerland's seventh longest road tunnel. Currently, measures are being taken to increase tunnel safety. Lombardi has been commissioned the owner's support and the construction management for the lots construction and electromechanical plants (MEP).
In mid-2018, the Saccardo ventilation and the first new exhaust air fans went into operation. From October 2018, the new 5.2 km long safety tunnel will go into operation. This will significantly improve the safety level of the Switzerland's fifth longest bi-directional tunnel. The work will be completed by the end of 2019.

03/10/201803/10/201916/03/2019 16:35
Breakthrough of the southern tube at the Koralmtunnel (Austria)

August 2018: ​On August 14th, the breakthrough of the southern tube on the Koralm Tunnel between the construction lots KAT2 and KAT3 was achieved after 17'127 m of excavation with the double-shield TBM "Mauli 1". This is the longest section ever excavated continuously by a TBM and thus represents a world record. The breakthrough took place in a cavern with an overburden of about 1'200 m. The approximately 33 km long Koralm Tunnel reduces the travel time from Graz in Styria to Klagenfurt in Carinthia to just 45 minutes. Lombardi was commissioned with the tender design and detailed design for both 17 km long main drives (2x TBM-DS) and has followed the project as employer's designer in the construction phase.

24/09/201824/09/201924/09/2018 10:02
Alternative access to the Inca city of Machu Picchu (Peru)

​July 2018: On July the 10th 2018 the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru assigned the task for the development of the preliminary technical-economic design regarding the possibility of creating an alternative access to the Inca city of Machu Picchu (Cusco Region), heritage of the UNESCO.
The study will have to evaluate surface solutions (cableway) and underground (lift of more than 400 m in altitude, funicular or rack-train) compatible with environmental, morphological, architectural, geological and technological constraints in an emblematic place for the country and the whole world.

18/07/201818/07/201918/07/2018 11:40
Breakthrough Line 1 „Lingotto-Bengasi“ in Turin

​June 2018: On June the 7th 2018 the TBM completed the excavation of the last section of the subway Line 1 „Lingotto-Bengasi“ in Turin. The breakthrough at the Lingotto station, in service, occurred in presence of the Mayor of Turin, the President of the Piedmont Region and other authorities of the city. The TBM, operated by the company CMC from Ravenna – named Masha– completed its work after more than one year.
Lombardi is the designer of this subway stretch that includes a double track single tunnel (total length 1’733 m), two underground stations and three ventilation shafts.
The tunnel, with internal diameter of 6.88 m and digged by a machine with 7.70 m of diameter, has been excavated using an EBP TBM.

11/07/201811/07/201924/07/2018 17:09
Stockholm Bypass – new Project carried out in BIM

June 2018: The Stockholm Bypass is considered the most important road infrastructure being currently built in Sweden as well as being one of the most imposing constructions in the entire Scandinavia and the Baltic region. The Bypass will be completed in 2023.
The Stockholm Bypass, and in particular the rock tunnel contracts FSE 308 Södra Lovö and 302 Norra Lovö, includes the construction of 2 access tunnels, 5 km ramp tunnels, 14 km main tunnels and 8 shafts under Lovön island in Ekerö municipality, including final lining and M&E equipment.
Lombardi has been appointed the detailed design, which will be carried out in BIM, by the Italian Contractors Vianini Lavori S.p.a and C.M.C di Ravenna, members of the Swedish Joint Venture company Lovön Samverkan AB.
The final client of the project is the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).

10/07/201811/07/201911/07/2018 17:25
Eiger Glacier cableway top station

19.02.2018: The contract for the final design (phase 51) and the site management (phase 52) has been awarded. Lombardi continues the design work, supervising the underground and surface construction of the Eiger Glacier top station for the new tricable gondola Eigerexpress in the framework of the final design and the site management. In the summer of 2018, the construction is expected to start with the pre-cut for the cavern at 2320 m above sea level. One part of the top station will be in a cavern of (W x L x H) 24 x 40 x 17 m, the other will be constructed above ground. Two tunnels, each about 40 m long, with excavated cross-sections of about 20m2 connect the cavern with the new construction of the Eiger Glacier top station.

27/03/201827/03/201927/03/2018 15:55
Arenal hydroeletric power plant (phase I/II), Honduras – Signing of the contract

​13.11.2017: The contract for the civil part of the project has been signed. In January 2018, the excavation works for the connection of the new diversion tunnels will start. Lombardi has dealt with the project development from the preliminary stages and will continue to assist the client up to the commissioning, conducting both the detailed design and construction drawings as well as the (local) site supervision. The new plant consists of an RCC arch-gravity dam (H=93.5 m, L=273 m), a headrace tunnel (A=28.4 m2, L=4'582 m), a surge chamber (vertical with 2 cross-sectional dimensions: 28.3 m2 and 113.1 m2), two steel penstocks (D=2.4 m, L=130 m) and an outdoor powerhouse equipped with two vertical Francis units (H=138 m, Q=2 x 25.5 m3/s, P=2 x 30.5 MW).

04/12/201704/12/201804/12/2017 10:10
First breakthrough at the Albula Tunnel

On Thursday 17 October 2017, at the New Albula Tunnel of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB), the breakthrough into the reverse drive of the cavern was achieved. With this, the excavation from Preda (main lot) met the reverse drive which has previously been excavated from a cavern. The reverse drive was commissioned separately for the excavation of the Raibler-Cornieule (most delicate zone of the massif at the Albula tunnel).
Lombardi, in an engineering consortium, is responsible for the construction supervision of the reverse drive from the cavern, including the special construction measures such as freezing method and solidification injections
See also website RhB (in German only):

17/10/201717/10/201823/10/2017 15:51
Start of the works on the connection of the Turin-Ceres railway with the Turin railway network

29.09.2017: The Lombardi Group has developed the detail design of the new railway connection that runs along the main stretch of Corso Grosseto (2.5 km of new tunnel executed with cut & cover method), connecting the existing RFI Rebaudengo-Fossata station with the existing Turin-Ceres line near Largo Grosseto, for the temporary joint venture with ITINERA S.p.A. (main) and the consortium INTEGRA (formerly CCC) and SCR Contracting Company of the Piedmont Region. The project also contains a new underground railway station “Grosseto”, a new road tunnel in Largo Grosseto, a new surface restoration with cycle-pedestrian track in Corso Grosseto and a new layout of the Largo Grosseto crossroads, subsequent to the contemporaneous demolition of a massive existing road interchange overpass. Further information on the institutional site (soon to be opened).

11/10/201711/10/201823/10/2017 15:19
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