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Muttsee Photovoltaic PlantReferences_8674
The Muttsee dam of Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG is located at 2’475 meters above sea level and faces south. Due to the good, elevated location and the orientation of the dam, Axpo developed a project for the construction of a photovoltaic plant on the outer dam wall. Due to the high snow volumes, the solar modules are not installed on the lowest section of the dam. This results in a solar power plant with a capacity of about 2 MW, distributed over an effective solar module area of about 10’000 m2. The estimated average installed capacity is of about 2.8 GWh/a. An additional technical control room will be built north of the guard house of the pumped storage plant Limmern for the power evacuation. Lombardi Ltd. was commissioned by AXPO for the design of the technical control room of the photovoltaic plant. The commissioned work includes the SIA phases 32, 41, 51 to 53 for civil works and HVAC equipment.
Migros - Avry Center - Ventilation of the Access TunnelsReferences_6229
The current site occupied by the Avry Center aims to become a new destination, a place of exchange, culture, leisure and encounter. It is also the project of a new vibrant public square, connected to Avry, to Matran, its region and its landscape composed of agricultural fields, the river Saane and the Fribourg Pre-Alps in the background. This new public square will live at the pace of three major stakeholders: a new shopping mall incorporating various programmes and public services (including a wide range of catering facilities, a medical centre, a Migros Club School and a fitness centre), a swimming centre open to the public and schools, as well as a multiplex cinema with a varied programme. A new neighbourhood of attractive and innovative housing will also be developed in the freed space of the former Mall. This mixed neighbourhood will ensure a quality of life due to its opening onto the great landscape and its connection to the surrounding nature. Lombardi takes charge of the design, sizing and realization of the ventilation and smoke extraction system of the 3 underground accesses to the new Mall: - The logistics access will be equipped with a vertical ventilation station allowing the extraction of smoke in case of fire - The client accesses North and South will be equipped with jet fans for removing smoke from the access structures longitudinally.
Fréjus Tunnel - General contractor for the construction of the technical room ST2-01-20References_7392
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IM Maggia - Energy related renovation of the administrative buildingReferences_7091
Feasibility study, cost estimation, tender design and detailed design for summer/winter air-conditioning systems, sanitary installations for a multi-storey building used for offices, meeting rooms and cafeteria. Office air conditioning by radiant ceilings with modules designed for air intake and extraction. Meeting room air conditioning by radiant ceilings with modules and primary air inlet and outlet diffusers. Meeting room air conditioning by radiant ceilings with modules and primary air inlet and outlet diffusers. Cafeteria/atrium air conditioning by water fan coils and primary air inlet and outlet diffusers. DHW production by 300 l producer with integrated air-cooled heat pump. The hot/cold vector fluid generated by the use of 2 ground water condensed heat pumps with a cooling capacity of 99.0 kW each. Primary vector fluid ground water taken from an intake well inside the property. Restitution of ground water by trench drain. The air changes and the relative humidity control are guaranteed by means of a ventilation block installed in the covering, developed for the filtration of the outside air. Heat recovery by exchange between the outside air and extracted ambient air, cooling coil, heating and humidification battery.
Migros Centro - Mall, LuganoReferences_6725
The Migros shopping mall, located in the heart of Lugano, is a multifunctional building with multi-level commercial space, self-service restaurant, training rooms (Migros School Club), fitness center and multi-storey underground car park. The building from the 70s needed a complete renovation. Lombardi Ltd. was charged with the design services (Ph. 32 due diligence + Ph. 41 tender phase + Ph. 51 execution phase) of the new heating and cooling system, the air conditioning, the sanitary and sewage system (waste water and rain water) and the renewal of the fire extinguishing system (sprinkler system). Great attention was given to user needs in terms of functionality, comfort (thermo-hygrometric conditions, acoustic effects of the installations) as well as energy consumption and environmental sustainability. The energy for heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water is generated by heat pumps supplied with industrial water. The production of domestic hot water also uses the waste heat from the cooling of the refrigerators of the cooling chambers. The hot water for the fitness center is produced by a gas boiler. A mixed system (ventilation + fan coil) ensures compliance with the required conditions and allows for a high level of system flexibility. Air treatment units with heat recovery ensure high indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption. The rehabilitation of building and technology while maintaining the shopping center in operation was a major challenge and was resolved through disciplined planning, organization and management (installation of the new system in parallel with the operation and dismantling of the existing system). The works were successfully completed, and the safety of the users was ensured at all times by carefully defining timing and logistics and coordinating the collaboration of the various professionals.
ATG - Gotthard Base Tunnel - Portal Area SedrunReferences_597
In the portal area of the access tunnel Sedrun there are several structures that are required for the operation of the 57 km long Gotthard-Base Tunnel. The main elements include: Railway Infrastructure Building, Sedrun: Two-storied building in solid construction, in which the facilities for the railway infrastructure are installed. Two facades of the approximately 40 m long, 15.5 m wide and 10 m high building are made of exposed concrete, the other two of metal. The flat roof is greened. Vorderrhein Bridge: Reinforced concrete bridge as pre-stressed frame structure with a length of approximately 25.7 m and a lane width of 5.5 m. The box girder accommodates the cable lines between the railway infrastructure building and the access tunnel, with the bridge girder leading to an 8 m long cable cellar. Portal Building: Connection of the access tunnel Sedrun and the air supply openings for the operating ventilation of the Gotthard-Base Tunnel. By its shaping this building fulfills also the function as an avalanche dissipation structure. Pump Pit for Water Supply: Underground pump station in reinforce concrete including cables, electromechanical equipment as well as two water reservoirs. For safety reasons, all waste water lines of the Gotthard-Base-Tunnel are permanently supplied with water from here.
ATG - Gotthard Base Tunnel - Railway infrastructure building SedrunReferences_602
The railway infrastructure building Sedrun is located in the portal area of the access tunnel Sedrun, which is required for the safe operation of the 57 km long Gotthard-Base-Tunnel. It is a two-storied solid structure. The south and east sides of the around 40 m long, 15.5 m wide and 10 m high building are of exposed concrete. The other two facades are composed of metal, which allows for ventilation, while on the east side several uniformly arranged windows are installed. The flat roof is extensively greened. The shell construction works include the overall technical installations for the ventilation- and heat regulation system, energy supply, installation of doors, gates, railings, as well as sanitary installations, paintworks and installation of technical fire protection facilities. All spaces are equipped with double floors and two crane systems for mounting and maintenance works. The main purpose of the building is the accommodation of the railway infrastructure facilities, to ensure the safe operation of the tunnel. Next to the entire command-, communication- and supply installations, there are also a large diesel emergency power system for each tunnel tube as well as a transformer in this building.
National Youth Sports Centre TeneroReferences_699
The CST project involves the restructuring of the part that contains the temporary accommodation and the upgrading of the sports installations. The main building on a single level consists of a reinforced concrete structure, cast on site for the foundation slabs, and precast concrete and metal structures for the remaining elevated part. The building is of rectangular shape of 260x10.50 m; the height varies from 3.50 m at the floor slabs to 5.00 m at the metallic carpentry at the roof. The campsite is located in the southern part of the area, next to the main building. It includes 28 reinforced concrete slabs which allow the installation of tents to accommodate in total about 600 people. Further green areas are available for the installation of additional tents and entertainment. The raising of the average quote of the camping area located south of the Fiumetta stream (ca. 1.50 m of 20’000 square meters to 35’000 cubic meters of fill) allowed the creation of three new soccer fields, of which 2 are regular. Where possible, the rainwater (road surfaces) will infiltrate into the soil. After treatment and through overflow, the surplus is fed into the Fiumetta stream and then into Lake Maggiore. The renaturation of the Fiumetta stream leeds to the arrangement and the rehabilitation of the bridges that cross the Finnish track.
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