Preliminary studies

Innovation is the result of a good idea.

We support our customers in the critical assessment of their visions. Thanks to a combination of experience and innovation, we may comprehensively address interdisciplinary problems within the framework of preliminary studies. The customer is supported in the decision making process through an evaluation of feasibility together with an appraisal of the challenges and the definition of opportunities and possible risks.

Civil designs

The design of infrastructures covers its entire life span.

We are familiar with the needs of our customers in the design of new infrastructures or in rehabilitation and upgrading projects. We can adequately portray the diverse and complex relationships in each and every one of the project's phases. From the beginning of a project to its construction, supervision and maintenance, we consistently implement and target every phase in the live span of an infrastructure.

Electromechanical designs

Electromechanical equipment is planned according to the state of the art, taking into account the most recent developments.

Besides functionality itself, we place a particular emphasis on energetic optimization, system-wide compatibility, maintenance requirements and reliability. Based on a close relationship with our customers we design the electromechanical equipment according to his specific priorities identifying the multiple relations and consequences during all the design, fabrication and installation steps.

General planning / management

A responsible partner in pursuit of project goals.

As general designer we take over from the owner the responsibility to implement the various steps of the project. Be it from our own resources or integrating specialists chosen by our customers, we are able to bring together a skillful planning team. We propose innovative and totally integrated solutions in dialogue with our customers and operators.

Construction supervision

Trust calls for supervision.

Owners and contractors appreciate our highly experienced supervisors. We stand for conscientious quality supervision, detailed work planning and administrative supervision if required. Thereby we collaborate with owners and contractors to optimize the project implementation in terms of costs, schedules, safety and quality.

Owner’s support

Complex projects require adequate tools and organization.

With a mutual understanding, we are able to support the owner to implement an adequate work organization covering all the various aspects to be taken into consideration. Besides technical and administrative project management activities, we dispose of tools and specialists focused on specific tasks as cost management, construction planning environmental monitoring and information management.

Monitoring / Safety / Operation / Maintenance

Requirements on infrastructures change.

Operational and safety requirements of infrastructures under normal and exceptional conditions require specific assessments and constant monitoring. We offer professional support which ranges from supervision with the analysis of monitoring data to the interpretation and recommendations for action up to global safety checks and risk assessment studies.

Special studies

Uncommon problems call for customized solutions.

Lombardi's special studies department involves the appropriate mix of scientific knowledge, engineering judgment and numerical skills in order to properly address uncommon engineering problems. The use of different and partially in house developed numerical tools in combination with a proven physical understanding of the problems offers the optimal combination for an integrated approach resulting in the identification of the most appropriate engineering solution.


Independence, expertise and experience at the service of our customers.

Many years of experience in design and consulting have made us acquire professional skills which we share with both customers and partners. We support our clients with independent technical and financial analyses, Due-Diligence studies as well as operational and safety assessments. We are fluent in many languages and this allows us to guarantee worldwide independent and objective analyses.


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 Key projects

Alliance - HSL Interconnection StationSubwaysOwner's support<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/5377/235x155%20HSL.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_5377.aspx
Alliance - HSL Interconnection StationSubwaysSpecial studies<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/5377/235x155%20HSL.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_5377.aspx
Grand Paris - Line 15 South - Segment 2 - Lot T2CSubwaysCivil designs<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/6376/235x155%20Paris.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_6376.aspx
Metro Algiers - Line 1 Lot 1 Extension ASubwaysOwner's support<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/195/235x155_Metro%20Algier.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_195.aspxAlgérie
Metro Copenhagen CityringenSubwaysConstruction supervision<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/177/235x155_Copenhagen_Cityringen.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_177.aspxDanmark
Metro Copenhagen Cityringen - Risk AssessmentSubwaysSpecial studies<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/560/235x155_Dammage_Risk_Assessment.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_560.aspxDanmark
Metro Magistrala 5 Drumul TabereiSubwaysCivil designs<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/550/235x155_Metro-Bucarest.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_550.aspxRumania
Metro Milan - Line 5 - S. Siro StationSubwaysMonitoring / Safety / Operation / Maintenance<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/554/235x155_S.Siro-Station.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_554.aspxItalia
Metro Milan - Line 5 - Segesta StationSubwaysMonitoring / Safety / Operation / Maintenance<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/712/235x155_Stazione-Segesta.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_712.aspxItalia
Metro Palermo AutomatedSubwaysPreliminary studies<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/557/235x155_Palermo-Subway-1.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_557.aspxItalia
Metro Porto - Linea CSubwaysConsultancy<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/203/235x155_Metro%20Porto.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_203.aspxPortogallo
Metro Santiago - Line 6SubwaysConsultancy<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/845/235x155_Santiago_Metro.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_845.aspxCile
Metro Turin - Line 1SubwaysOwner's support<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/146/235x155_Metro_Torino.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_146.aspxItalia
Metro Turin - Line 1SubwaysGeneral planning / management<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/146/235x155_Metro_Torino.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_146.aspxItalia
Metro Turin - Line 1SubwaysCivil designs<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/146/235x155_Metro_Torino.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_146.aspx
Metro Turin Line 1 - Environmental Services for the ExtentionSubwaysConsultancy<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/609/235x155_Metro_Torino.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_609.aspxItalia
Preliminary studies for the extension of the Paris metro line 1SubwaysPreliminary studies<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/6104/235x155%20Paris%20metro%20line%201.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_6104.aspx
Turin-Ceres - Connection of the line with the RFI network - Equipment - SUBWAYSSubwaysElectromechanical designs<img alt="" src="/en-gb/SiteAssets/References/6038/235x155_Torino-Ceres.jpg" style="BORDER: px solid; ">/en-gb/Pages/References/Subways/References_6038.aspx